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Below are some testimonials I received from people who have read my book.



  My name is Evan Filter, and my Drexel University senior design team and I are designing electric motor assistance systems for Drexel's Human Powered Vehicles.  I read through your "How to Build a 50MPH Electric Bike" document forwarded from Dr. Layton, and your bike is really amazing.  I would love to use your expertise as we go along. Please let me know if you would do us the honor.  Thanks

Evan Filter
Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Drexel University 


"I am very impressed with Greg's eBook, it is remarkably thorough, detailing exactly how to build your own 50mph electric bike step by step. There are illustrations on nearly every page to help you along the way, which is great for those tricky wiring parts! The eBook also contains many links to websites where you can buy parts, which is very useful as some of the parts can be very hard to find if you don't know exactly where to look. I also like the sections on 'Safety' and 'Riding Tips', which raise some very important issues which I would probably not have considered otherwise. All in all this is a very comprehensive and well-written guide and I would recommend it to anyone looking to build their own fast electric bike. Can't wait to start my own! Thanks Greg!"
Sam C.


Greg has done a fantastic job building this bike and the book is an interesting effortless read.  Greg’s insatiable curiosity and diligent research has turned him into an impressive self taught engineer.

As this was Greg’s second build he was able to apply many lessons learned from his first bike to produce an impressive, exciting bike that is robust enough for everyday commuting.  Greg rides to and from work in all sorts of weather, getting there faster by bike than he would by car and at pennies a day.  The final product has incredible acceleration and an unbelievable top speed while it seems very stable and easy to ride.

Greg’s book provides thorough instructions for building your own bike with many great illustrations taken along the way.  His writing style is relaxed and easy to read.  You will come away with the sense that, although building your own bike will take some time, the step by step advice and information will make it an easy and enjoyable project.

Nice work Greg.  See you on the streets.

Guy Teigen
Engineering Manager
Jastram Engineering Ltd.
North Vancouver, Canada



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